Sumedang Larang Open Championship (SLOC)

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2019 Pencak Silat Championship Asian Level Entry Competition.

This championship is fighting for the rotating Cup of West Java Governor & Permanent Cup of Sumedang Regent. With the theme "Preserving Pencak Silat as an Indonesian Original Culture that Forms Achieving and Honest Young People".

This activity was held at Sebelas April University (UNSAP) Gor Sumedang on April 27-29 2019.

Alhamdulillah, Pencaksilat Team from SMK 7 Bandung (GERANA) won 1st place (3 Gold) on behalf of:

1. Aura Zalzabila

2. Dhe Febrianti

3. Novia Sari Dewi

Third Position (5th Bronze) on behalf of:

1. Hana Tigusti

2. Nana Maisyaroh

3. Lutfyana

4. Sherly Mardiana

5. M Wildan

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