The History of Smkn7 Bandung

Vocational High School 7 Bandung, formerly known as STM Kimia Bandung with Expertise Competencies developed by Industrial Chemistry, was established on August 25, 1964. In 1965 Competency in Industrial Chemical Expertise was developed which is located at Jalan Karapitan precisely at SD Karapitan Bandung and led by R. Junaedi.

In 1969 STM Kimia moved to Jalan Jendral Sudirman No. 125 by occupying the former building of Tiong Hoa Elementary School, which is the result of a gift from the Military District Command (Kodim) which controls the building. At that time the Chemical STM was still in the leadership of R. Junaedi.

In 1972 the leaders of the STM Kimia were handed over to Drs. Saroyo, which is known for planting high discipline during his leadership period. He led the Chemistry STM until 1986, and was replaced by Drs. Darlan, who in his leadership period was precisely in July 1987, STM Chemistry moved to Jalan Buah Batu No. 139 beside ASTI. However, in 1989 the leadership position was handed over to Drs. H. Rudiat.

In 1991 the Chemical STM was moved back to occupy a more representative building, precisely on Jalan Soekarno-Hatta Km 11.5 (No.596) Bandung. The transfer of leadership positions continued, in 1997 the position of head of the STM Kimia school was handed over to Drs. H. Kosasih Slamet. In his leadership period, STM Kimia changed its name to SMK Negeri 7 Bandung. The leadership period of Drs. H. Kosasih Slamet until 2001.

Dedi Indrayana, S.Pd continued the leadership of Drs. H. Kosasih Slamet arrived in September 2003 and was the shortest head of school leading the 7th SMKN Bandung. The leadership was then handed over to Drs. Entis Sutresna who led from 2003 to early 2012. In his leadership, he was able to develop the potential of Bandung Vocational High School 7 to become a favorite school among other schools and be able to add two more areas of Expertise Competence namely Chemical Analysis in 2003-2004 and Pharmacy in 2008-2009 .

From March 2012 to 31 March 2016 SMK 7 Bandung is led by Dra. Ike Raudah and delivered SMKN 7 Bandung as a school with a very good integrity index for high school / vocational and equivalent levels at the national level and began implementing a Computer-Based National Examination.

Starting from 1 April 2016 SMKN 7 Bandung was led by Ir. Deudeu Mulyati, M.Sc.